Overlooking my land
estimating my land
Not bad not bad
Roommate beer at the top of a hike
Ram love. (Yes some dude parked his Dodge Power Ram nose to nose the wrong way on the street to mine)
1 1/2 hour drive to a 20 min hike to a so so view of Mt.Hood sunset. meh
Not a bad place to be
Not bad, not bad
House improvements


Hiked 8.2 miles the other day. Got this for a reward. 
Get lost and weird
The warm up falls. (all on the same trail.) praise jah
Old ass hand paper cutter at work. Very annoying.
You see these kind of vehicles all day here in Portland. 
New room, fuck it
Behind the register at the pie shop adjacent to my new work. 
Just pull over and check it out
Keeping the sponser happy, and repping it


Adler Flats,OR


Buttermilks, Bishop